I am a dedicated Growth Coach and Management Consultant with international experience over two decades in empowering C-suite leadership and building high-impact teams. My expertise lies in harnessing management skills within middle to senior management, fostering a culture of innovation, and driving organizational growth.

I believe that in today’s disruptive and ever evolving business environment, coaching needs to be focused at unlocking the true potential within individuals and teams. 

My coaching approach is defined with the concept of inquisitiveness and sharing, that encourages a dialogue rather than a monologue. I induce the concept of asking questions and extending support, these two are fundamentals for organizational and leadership development, driving innovation and improving productivity. 

I bring a global perspective and experience, over 250 hours of executive and team coaching and infusing teams with diverse insights and strategies for success! 

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I am aligned with the transformative shift from command-and-control leadership to a coaching model. My coaching style focuses at facilitating problem-solving, encouraging employee development, and fostering a culture of continuous learning.

In addition to growth coaching, I offer comprehensive management consulting services, helping organizations navigate challenges and seize opportunities. 

Given that coaching is an integral part of growth poised organizational culture, aligning it with mission-critical drives sustainable results. I do this by initiating high-value conversations, unlocking hidden challenges, unleashing a consultative process to identify options, and revealing fresh insights to drive impactful results.

Currently working with Erickson Elite Corporate Coaches to define a new coaching chapter for success and growth in the corporate world.

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