An Executive Coach, Founder & CEO

Munnira Sheikh

Certifications: follow ICF competencies in coaching

Candidate For

Official partnerships

Credentials & Corporate Experience

10+ years experience working with multinational companies like

In Ghana since past 10 years

Startup Consultant

Sohail Haider

Unlock your startup’s full potential with personalized consulting. As a seasoned startup consultant, I bring strategic insights to elevate your business. From refining your business model to optimizing operations, let’s sculpt success together. Transform challenges into opportunities. Ready to take your startup to new heights? Let’s talk innovation and growth!”

Microsoft Technology

Joseph Larkai

Joseph holds 10 years’ experience in information technology. Working with clients in diversified sectors of industries. Well capable to understand, assess and design technology solutions for clients. Acquire right resources and deploy them in assigned budget. Evaluate and monitor the implementation and results. Pro with Microsoft, Amazon, Oracle and other IT solutions available.

Digital & AI Expert

Sheikh Fahad Khalid

Fahad holds a depth of insights and an edge to adapt continuous advancements in AI & Digital scope. Fahad value quality and standards in every work scope we build together. Innovation and digitization is at the core of our organization.

Videography & Film Editing

Philip Quarcoopome

Philip is a seasonal professional and create mood boards, story board, shoots, films and relevant scope of work. His efficient delivery always ensure our organization presence at all influencing media spots.

Management Consultant

Dale Carnegie

An organizational Excellence expert. Multinational companies experience. Consultancy with professionals engaged, leading the team, creating and applying business models to ensure required results which may reflect on financial sheets, are the key areas of expertise for Dale.