Manager/Leader As A Coach

Team Building

Peak Performance

Art of Presenting

Facilitating Meetings


Marketing Concepts

Personal & Professional Goals

Key Corporate Mastery Trainings

These are be-spoke trainings. Therefore, we cannot estimate the duration until we agree, to move forward with these with a commitment of payment/advance. We will then start our initial interviews to assess where each participants and where does the company stand. That would be our beginning point to gauge how much time will be required to reach ultimate feasible goals.

Strategic Planning

This training helps engage management mindsets to improve current business plans using current model. Get ready to compete in the market.


  1. Group Coaching to convert hypothetical discussions into practical action steps
  2. Use strategies cases and models used by successful companies
  3. Improve collaboration across disciplines and geographical office, within your companies
  4. Understand Market sizing and business assessment
  5. Find where you can compete
  6. Find your companies and teams weakness to convert into strengths.
  7. Adapting a clear and customer oriented approach to develop value proposition
  8. How to bring improvement in 4 of the following:
    1. Organization
    2. Teams
    3. Executives
    4. Sales

Group Coaching

Coaching sessions

Project Management


In this coaching/training/mentoring we will deep dive into areas:

Emotional Intelligence

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