Learning from experienced people, is the best book.

Routine hustles and side hustles.

Everyday kind of like, Jack and Jill, went up the hill to fetch a pail of water, Jack fell down, and broke his crown and Jill came tumbling after. Hire a career coach always help in avoid unnecessary tumbling and save time for growth. Beginners need guidance for career growth, career change and continuous development. Executive leadership development is a life long process.

Remember the day last time you planned your future, after that pay check, after that argument with your boss, after a silence in mental chit chat. Every time, when there is a trouble climbing up to fetch our attention, we tumble down to plan better. Never before.

Planning and management seems to be boring and waste of time, specially in the beginning of your career. When we dealing with the unseen. A new world. When we are arranging details for a new project. Every discussion welcomes our argument, which is for the sake of participation, but with in-takes, things start shaping up. We are use to go with the routines. We are used to be probed to act and react.

Why not pre-planning? Why not fetching the pail with a clear direction? Why not figure out all possible pebbles and bumpers across the pathway? Why not create a space where we can save ourselves not tumbling down?

Making Best of Now while planning your Future. That is what I always suggest in my career coaching sessions.

When you are ready in the morning for another Monday, plugging your headphones in your ears with your favorite music, or playing FM in your car, watching and waving some of the familiar commuters, thinking today is Tuesday or Wednesday, which meeting I have to hit on time, did I prepared enough, or lets just go and sit with silence, and you let the days blurring on their own. You are just hoping things will work out for yourself one day. One day your boss will appreciate for all the hard work you are putting in everyday in the same manner. One day you will have a raise. One day you will receive a call from your dream job.

Your daily routine has taken over you. You haven’t really planned how to manage your career to reach your dream goals and be a star.

This blog, we will take a step back to delve into available tools. They can help you to plan and manage your career well in your direction.

Career Management is all about ensuring that you make the most of your working life, each moment and each day accountable, to design your predictable future, close by. We will be proactive, will realize which problems needs to be fixed and which to enhance upon.

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